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Medical Animation of Osteoclasts & The Blood Brain Barrier (BBB)

Two short animations and a conceptual still image this update...  

Both of these biological animations were interesting to create from a technical point of view (at least for a medical animator!).  The brain cell network is procedurally generated giving a more organic look - developing the "node tree" to generate this network took a fair bit of vector maths so a good stretch of the brain!  The osteoclasts were great fun to create - again a lot of procedural animation with the extra challenge of geometry being "eaten away" over time.  Both given the Animated Healthcare beauty treatment!  Hope you like them.


Blood Brain Barrier
Drug Delivery

The blood-brain barrier (BBB) is a crucial protective barrier that separates the bloodstream from the brain's extracellular fluid.  While essential for maintaining brain health, this barrier poses challenges for drug delivery to treat neurological disorders. Researchers are exploring innovative techniques to enhance drug delivery across this barrier, offering promising avenues for more effective treatments of various brain conditions.

Bone R

Osteoclasts are specialized cells vital for bone remodelling. Derived from white blood cells, they resorb old or damaged bone tissue through acidic secretion and enzymatic breakdown. This process, balanced by osteoblasts, maintains bone health by allowing new bone formation, calcium regulation, and structural adaptation in response to mechanical stresses.

Immune Cells - Conceptual

A conceptual image showing one highlighted immune cell in a sea of regular ones.

Immune Cells
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