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The Lancet Oncology

The Lancet Oncology is a world renowned medical journal and is highly regarded in the healthcare sector. Animated Healthcare won the contract to create its front cover images. These images would have to illustrate complex medical concepts in an engaging way.


Cancer Screening in Geriatrics (Vol 10 – Issue 1)

The article that was to be depicted on the front cover of this issue discussed the effects of comorbidity on screening and early diagnosis of cancer in elderly people. To create an image that would depict the general concept clearly, we distilled the article into a single question – Who should you scan? This question inspired the depiction. The front cover shows an elderly population (in the distance) walking towards a doorway that has a red and green arrow atop. This door depicts the question and decision making process that decides which patients should go onto cancer screening and which should not. From the image it can be seen that the people on the right do not receive screening, whilst those on the left are screened.


Medically Inoperable Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer (Vol 10 – Issue 9)

This cover looked at the advances in technology that changed the way in which patients with NSCLC, who were not healthy enough for standard surgical resection, might be treated. For the cover image, a depiction of non-small-cell lung cancer was chosen. Bronchioles and alveoli are shown with a cluster of cancerous cells in the centre. Depth of field, including blurred foreground elements gave the image its deep feel.


Familial Risks in Nervous-System Tumours (Vol10 – Issue 5)

This article was based on a study carried out on nationwide databases from Sweden and Norway, looking into familial risks in nervous system tumours. To depict this, we visualised several families, using glass figures with colour coded brains to signify whether nervous system tumours were present or not. To ensure the visual did not suggest an outcome, we depicted all three possible situations in the foreground. We had a family where a parent had a tumour and so did one of their offspring, a family where a parent had a tumour but none of their offspring had one and finally where both parents were clear of tumours and so were their offspring.


Anti-HER2 Strategies in Breast Cancer (Vol10 – Issue 12)

The compound trastuzumab, an anti-HER2 treatment, is the focus of the cover for this issue. To depict the main players for this cover, we visualised a 3D breast with the lactiferous ducts, some adipose cells and tumour cells visible. One aspect of creating images that we particularly enjoy is layering in the details to cater for all audiences. In this case, for more detail oriented people, we dug deeper and depicted two receptors (yellow and blue) on the tumour cells and showed the monoclonal antibodies (orange) binding to one type.