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Animated Healthcare

3D Medical Animation and Stills

Animated Healthcare is a medical animation studio with over 25 years of experience in the healthcare sector. We pride ourselves on producing scientifically accurate medical animations and still images that communicate our client’s messages in an engaging and memorable way. Our Mode-of-Action animations enable the exploration of the body at any level of magnification, to see its functions, how things can go wrong and modern therapies in action. Our still image production for print and web, whether realistic or conceptual convey clear messages.

The Animation Showreel provides a good overview of our moving images work, and the Still Images Slideshow covers our print and web image work. 


About Us

Animated Healthcare was founded in 1996 (around the dawn of 3D computer graphics!) and has been creating high end medical animations and stills since. Modern computer graphics enable the creation of rich visuals that would be hard to achieve through any other medium, and is particularly well suited to medical presentations where complex processes need to be convey clearly and with impact.



3D computer animation is the perfect medium to communicate complex medical processes in an engaging way. You can fly down blood vessels, see individual receptors in cell membranes and watch processes taking place sped up or slowed down. Just about anything is possible.

Animated Healthcare has been creating medical animations for over 25 years and has built up an extensive knowledge of what makes them work from both a visual standpoint and a messaging point of view.

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Still Images

With more than a thousand medical stills created, Animated Healthcare has extensive experience of creating medical images for use in print and on the web. We span multiple end uses including medical education, promotion and advertising, product visualization, conference and events, journal cover and editorial images. Our work covers photorealistic and scientifically accurate images through to abstract and conceptual pieces of work.

Whether it’s a one off image, of any size, or an ongoing advertising campaign or series of journal covers, we’re ready to deliver excellence.

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We are privileged to work with some of the most world’s largest pharma companies, leading medical journals and high end medical communication agencies.


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