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3D Medical Animation and Illustration

Inspiring Animations for the Life Science Industry

Animated Healthcare is a medical animation studio with over 25 years of experience.
We create visually inspiring science animations and still images for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device and consumer health industries.

Our deep knowledge and experience of this visual medium enables us to communicate our client’s messages with clarity and in a truly engaging way.

From initial concept and script development to animation production and delivery - we offer a personal and highly efficient experience. And if you have your own medical writers, we are happy to work with them too.

Conceptual Image of Compound - Molecular Model

Medical Animation

3D computer animation is the perfect medium to communicate complex biological processes with clarity.  It enables exploration of the body at any level of magnification to see its functions, how things can go wrong, and modern therapies and devices in action.

Mechanism of Action (MoA) / Mechanism of Disease (MoD)
Education of Patients and Healthcare Professionals
Investor decks
Industry exhibitions/conferences/trade shows
Medical Meetings
Virtual events
Powerpoint presentations
Websites/social media
Product launches
e-Learning modules
Interactive apps
Scientific Research/Clinical Trials

Medical Illustration of Antigen Presenting Cell - Immunology

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